Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Welcome!  I'm officially mostly set up again.  Since the last time you came here I've finished an album!  I love it so much, and I'm really proud of the way it turned out.  I can't wait for all the people to hear it, as I think many people will be into the album.

I've also MOVED.  Packed and moved and unpacked.  I've now been in my house for a total of two weeks, and I love this place.  I have never felt more at home.  Not ever in my life.  The neighbourhood and this house fill me with excitement and I feel like this is where I belong.  I can't even believe that there's a whole floor between my desk and my bed.  And if in case you're wondering, Peanut is adjusting just fine!

I'm pretty tired these days, and I feel a life hangover from all the changes lately, so I'm not going to write much.  I will however, leave you tonight with a ton of pictures from my last two weeks.  As I look through them, I realize that I need to improve my camera skills, as well as my ability to document important life things.

Anyway, here is a jarbbled recollection of my life since the last time I posted here.

 Old living room full of the next day's move.

 Same with the hall.
 And the kitchen.
 I later slept in my room with nothing in it but my mattress.  Acoustically speaking, it was really refreshing.
All the keys to the house!
Above - Peanut finds the only quiet, comfortable place in the house while I unpack.

Left - All my blades.
 A short break with the family!
 The first blind goes up!
 The bike gets a home!
 The studio space!  Pre-cabling, but I did that all tonight and it is awesome down here.

Below - The living room and part of the kitchen.  I love how open it is, and that I can watch Community while I cook!
 Ana and I at the first annual BBQ (and blues) Festival.  We waited 2 hours to get food, then we went home.  Not what I would call a successful festival.
 Ana gets her tornado potato!

THE WE EAT IT ALL!!!!  Have you all had deep-fried pickles? They are amazing.
 My neighbourhood church, or one of them anyway.
 Just before the tracks.
 A park with an amphitheatre!
 A heritage show home.
 Old books.
 Old Box.
 Old party.
 Best meat sign ever.
 I really like this.
 A river view.
 The end of my street!
 The first day I had free time to do with what I wanted, there was a street festival happening on my street!  So I walked over and met some people!
 Jazz On Wheels!
 Jazz On Wheels on the street!
 More of that!
A peanut while I work.

 Peanut appears from the table to see what I'm doing.
 A great drawing in my doctors office.
My first dessert made in the house.  Broiled grapefruit with ginger and syrup.

So that's a very sporadic view of my life so far.


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