Monday, September 10, 2012

Toronto, I Like You - TIFF! (Toronto International Family Festival)

Ah, Toronto.  

We had such a good time.  I spent most of time with Ana and her amazing family.   We learned the Gangnam Style Dance, recorded a family song, ate and drank so many delicious things, shopped, and of course, because Neal knows a lot of circus tricks, we learned some acrobatics.  We called them hackrobatics.  

This is going to be another picture post.  It's been a booze fuelled few days, and I need to get some sleep before my work agenda in Scarborough starts.  Here we go magic!

Peanut really wanted to come.  I wish I could have her here right now.  I do miss her so.

This is from the night we arrived.  Ana and I were pretty excited to be there together.  We've talked about heading to Toronto at the same time a lot, and we were both so thankful we could make it happen.
Back Bus Dance Party.
Me in my travel clothes.
We're pros.  This is trick 3, as we already know how to blow and eat fire.
Ana balances on my knees.  I try not to look terrified when she looked down at me.
This was the reality of the trick.  It's really hard to balance on someones knees.
But she tries again.
Trick 4!  I love this photo.
Trinity Bellwoods Park.  Such a lovely park.
SUSHI PARTY!  Also notice the plastic bottle behind the garnish.  It's homemade ginger beer from Pat's on Queen.  We later made Dark & Stormys with them, and it was better then whatever anyone else was drinking that night, or ever.
Ana is such a lovely women.  Look at her here being so lovely!
Action Surplus on Queen.  If you ever get the chance, just go.  Build a robot or something.
Ok, remember how I said Ana was so great?  LOOK AT THIS PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I'm a pretty lucky lad to have this women in my life. I wish that I could hav bought here this dress from Fashion Crimes.
Our wonderful hosts, Neal and MP.
The family and our delicious meal.  And Ana's bow.
Exterminate, annihilate, DESTROY!!!
Neal decides to quit smoking, and I did my part.

He bought another pack the next day.

Georgia and Alvira and Terroni.
Ana and her pizza.  Meat eater.
Skip to dinner that night.  We went to the St. Lawrence Market because MP thought we would love it.  And we did.  I wished I lived inside of it!  Also, I bought the most amazing mustards.
MP makes us dinner!
I eat it!
Ana practices her meat skills!
A squashed snail being eaten by ants!
The Cloak & Dagger.  All-You-Can-Eat Make-Your-Own Tacos and a wicked draught selection.
This women.
Your choice is The Hammer or The Boot.
Yet another festival happening in TO.  This child played 10 second songs and then stared at everyone for a long time.
SUGAR CANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Never in Canada have I found this,
MP and Leila, mad chillin.
The Dakota, featuring The Beauties!
Ana is loving it so much!
Ana and Alia Shawkat.
Kevin Drew joins The Beauties.  It was so much fun!
Leila the cat.
My friend, Mr. Dan Werb, working while I waited to get to my next location.  He had the best coffee table books!  And such a great apartment.

And this is where I end part 1 of my Toronto trip.  Tomorrow I start the Top Perfomers Summit for my job.  More on that to come.  

Goodnight friendos!

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