Friday, May 24, 2013

Cheesed cake

It was delicious.  The water suggested strawberry ice cream, I suggested the restaurants starts serving nachos.

Toronto, you're always a blast.  A blast filled with friends.  We were blasted with solo-musicianship last night for Toronto's edition of the One Man Band Festival (a festival title I'm not comfortable with because THERE WAS A LADY PERFORMING LAST NIGHT, and there will be many more throughout the Montreal festival) and then with laughter and jokes and late night food that tricked me into thinking my neck was better.  You see, I've sustained an injury.  The most grievous of injuries to my neck bones(muscles) and it feels like I slipped a disc in my upper spine.  I don't think it's that serious, but it hurt a lot this morning.  I yelped quietly in pain so as to not wake the others in the building.  I pulled/slipped/angered the area a few days ago in Hamilton while doing some morning exercises to TRY AND STAY HEALTHY but my body was like, "nope (finger wag)" and the pain started.  The only thing that makes me feel better is ice cream.  And pie.  And food.  So I've been eating more food then my body needs and now I'm feeling that too.  Being sick is vicious cycle of food and pain for me.  It will get better soon though.

On the bright side - all the rain the forecast has promised has mainly happened while driving.  When we wake up it's usually sunny and warm and that helps a lot.  Perhaps the sun will extend a focused, special ray of power to fix my neck.  I will thank it by doing multiple sun salutations and eating more ice cream.


Last night I played alone.  No band, just me and my guitar (and the rest of the album) and it felt so weird.  The energy wasn't there from the drums sound pressure behind me.  There was no one to look over to.  The audience was a series of shadows because the lights were bright.  I didn't feel lonely though - I could see those shadows moving to my sweet beats.  Moving from playing with a band to playing a solo show was a strange as I thought it would be for me, but it is a nice challenge because I am completely responsible for making the show interesting.  A feat made more difficult by my upper body pains, but I managed to bust out some dance moves and I could feel the smiles radiating past the LED's.  It was a fun night with some awesome acts.  To me be mentioned in the PHOTO SECTION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!@#$%^&*()

 Karl's aunt gave us a place to sleep after the battle of Waterloo.  She was also awesome in that she marinated a steak and we cooked it an ate it all.  This is Cody eating it.  
 More meat eats with Karl and Brennan.  Look how happy they are.  LOOK AT THAT STEAK KNIFE.
 The last, bloodied piece.
 Cody has never been to Toronto.  You can't tell, but he is sweating from excitement.
 Clara Venice - Thermion champion.  
 Henri Fabergé - I'm in love with his short shorts.  So I'm wearing mine for the next show.
 Thomas Truax - Imagine you're in a David Lynch film.  He was awesome.  AWESOME.
 Here is Brennan opening the CHRYSALIS for Wax Mannequin.  Biggest smile ever.
 Here we are playing with the chrysalis' contents.  It was a game to not let the ballons not fall on the ground.  Henri wisely pointed out that it was easier to just hold them.
 Brennan and Wax.
You know that the above picture it.  The death of me.  It lulled me into a deep sleep and one which I started with little consideration for my neck.  So I feel asleep in a bad postion with a happy belly and woke with an empty stomach and a raging throb in my NECK.  Perverts.

Here we come, Montreal!  

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