Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Hammer

This is Vanna White.

Our new rental.  We will destroy it with kilometers and jokes.

The new band is getting along splendidly and our first long trip (25+ hours) and first show in Hamilton were a great indication on how this is all going to go, I think.  I'm not really sure what I want to do with this series of travel logs.  The last set was about getting back into touring and figuring out how I would do it as a different person and a band leasder.  That trip was a way for me to work through some lingering personal challenges and when it ended, I felt like I had.  This trip is different.  I don't feel the weight of the emotional baggage I did before, but I think this trip will be about putting what I've learned to practice.

There, I just figured it out.  Thanks for the talk.

I've been thinking a lot about that actually.  One of the most difficult things I've been thinking about is how I will behave (and not react) when someone does or says something that conflicts with my new personal beliefs, and to this day I have no idea.  But a friend said something to me a few weeks ago that stuck with me.  He said that all of this knowledge and learning is not worth anything unless it is put into action.  But how do I put it to action in a positive, non-violent way?  How do I present my point of view while respecting the person who is saying or doing things that hurt other people?  Holding them accountable for their words and actions.  That's some hard shit.  When I was younger I would learn something that really spoke to me and I would be militant about it.  It was this new idea that I was willing to defend to the death!  But I know better now and I can't act like that anymore.  I'm sure I will get a lot of practice though - the other guys in the band are all 21 or 22 and there are plenty of chances to talk about discrimination and language.  Without being preachy or alienating.  With love, patience, compassion and empathy.  These are things my mother was really great at teaching me.   

There are also my personal challenges to change my relationship with alcohol and to be without romantic relationships for one year.  Two very difficult things to do on when on tour.  It's time to put what I've learned to practice though and I have faith in my strength.


 The new band enjoying MOM LEVEL apple crisp (their words).  From left to right - Cody, Brennan & Karl.
 Cody & Karl stretching it out about 8 hours into the drive.
 Brennan, 20 hours into the drive staying awake with Justin Timberlake.
 An impromptu trip to Niagara.  It was nice to walk on some plush grass and get misted by the falls.  
This bird has it made.  
 I love this picture.
 And this one.
This tree is amazing.  It was huge and it deserves to have a small house in it that I can live in.  
 Same tree.  The huge leaves.

Every bathroom needs one of these for people who wear sandals.  BRILLIANT.  
 NEW SHIRTS and the models.  Thanks to the amazing Garland Lam for the design.
 THESE PEOPLE.  They gave us this sweet upgrade to Vanna White so that we're not so crammed.  Check out Mosely.
 After I had the upgrade done I went back to meet the guys and found them forming THIER OWN BAND.  They were really good so we're going in that direction and I'm just going to take pictures... this one.

THAT'S IT.  See you soon, Waterloo.

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