Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Breaking, breaking

These guys can't even handle it right now.


Sitting in at The Frequency in Madison, Wisconsin, I am worried that tonight might be the first night that we don't find a warm floor to crash on.  There wasn't much of a crowd here tonight and no one has approached me yet to offer their place.  The Clorkwork guys are going to stay in their van, but they have a bigger van then we do.  Another hotel would set me back quite a bit, but maybe it's best idea.  I'm not sure.  I haven't done any research into the local prices for accommodations yet.  The young lady working the bar just bought me a shot of Makers after I explained to her that I would be taking home a few bottles once we crossed the border into Canada.  She was surprised at how strict the laws are for Canadians going back with American goods.  I gladly took the shot.  If it comes to a van sleep, then at least the booze will help me to pass out quicker.

This is a room full of history.  The bar is made of old band stickers and picks.  It looks like they're all suspended in glass, floating within the sparkles.  Tomorrow we play our last US show until the 16th, when we make our way to Seattle.  We've decided we're going to head back to Winnipeg tomorrow night after the show and hang around in our own spaces for a few days.  At first it felt like a failure because I couldn't secure enough shows to keep us on the road the whole time, but with every day that passes it feels more like a chance to regroup.  It's been a rough go on this one.  I always expect for things to move quicker then they actually do, and I always find myself disappointed by the lack of results as I imagined them.  Unreasonable expectations are always the way I end up hurting myself.  I've gotten better at managing my expectations, but old habits die hard.  So, back to Winnipeg we go before hitting the west coast.  My roommate tells me I have a lawn now, which I'm going to lay in so hard when I get home.  I can't wait to see how my property looks without piles of garbage and mud.  AND apparently I'm getting some free storm doors installed.  You have no idea how happy I am about that.

Last night we stayed with the Clockwork guys at their parents house again.  What wonderful people.  They fed us, let us do laundry, sent us off with food and treated us like their own.  The show last night was super fun and we've made some really great friends in St. Louis.  We're on tour with some of them now.  The Clockwork guys put on an amazing show every night.  Their harmonies are soaring and there is so much energy on stage.  BIG FAN OVER HERE.  We all left their home just after noon and made our way to Madison.  These guys haven't been on a road trip without a chaparon before, and I've promised their parents I'll look after them.  The oldest in the group is 21.  So now it's me and a hilarious group of young men, wide-eyed and awe-struck.  Some of them anyway.

The show in Madison was great.  We're all feeling more comfortable with the material and now we're focusing on the performance and how each song takes it's own feeling while making the whole set feel like it's engaging and entertaining.  This is a good group of guys and I'm glad they're on tour with me playing this music.  It all means so much to me.


I feel gross today.  I have not been exercising and I'm feeling it.  I also re-injured my neck while doing my hair yesterday morning.  The pain is frustrating because it denies me sleep.  That, and some disturbing news back home are enough to really want me to get back home for a few days.  We're driving right after we're finished playing here.  See you soon, Winnipeg.  See you soon, Peanut.

 BABY SHOWER.  So much fun.  So many great people being so great to us.

 Here's the gang eating bbq.
Tom and Julie's backyard is a park.  It should just be a neighbourhood park.  It's massive with maybe 10 trees, probably more.

 I didn't realize that their address was Winnipegs area code.  Always at home.
 The bar we played in was in a strip mall.  Strange, but the venue was great.
 Here is the venues neighbour.
 Clockwork - killing it.  They have so many fans!
 This is Jordan.  He is the younger brother to two of the Clockwork guys.  He and his bud made this tower of wristbands and stickers which they were super proud of.
 This is Jack.  He doesn't like ballons.
 Chocolate cupcake with pulled pork icing.  My invention, it's delicious.
BRENNAN IS PEEING IN THE VAN AGAIN.  I set my hand against his back while he did it and he felt so awkward.  It was a new experience for both of us.  He also filled the bottle before he was done.  What a man.
 The butthole tacos.  Thankfully they went with surfers.


 This one is for Garland.
 This is Courtney.  She was the wonderful barkeep that keep the booze flowing for me last night.
 Here she is pouring a shot with a scorpion in it.  You eat the scorpion after.

 These are the guys doing the shots .

 Here's the scorpion in mouth.
 Here is a Logan on a van.  Parkour.
 Here is a series of pictures of Cody dancing.  Have a good laugh at it.  I did.

 Then Chris, the other barkeep BLEW OUR MINDS with his skills at the cube.  One handed, two handed - it didn't matter.  He figured it out no problem and it was amazing to watch.

 Brennan wanted me to include his weird left handed guitar.  So here it is.  You can take a break if you need to because your brain melted from thinking about how you would ever play one of the monstrosities 
 This is his pedal board.
 LOOK.  We made it to #1 on the UMFM charts!  WOOO.
Clockwork.  Love them.

WE"RE GOING BACK TO WINNIIIEOOOOPEPEPEPEPGPGGGGGG!!!!!  SO EXCITED.  I'm drinking PBR right now.  I hate it but it's 1$.  Long hair, don't care.  See you in Seattle.

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