Thursday, October 17, 2013

Alone-ah In Kelowna

Im sitting at The Dirty Jersey in Kamloops trying to energize before we play tonight. I am not used to this much outside activity. Looking at mountains makes you want to climb and conquer them. The tiredness may also be due to drinking every night. Who knows though.

We have been on the road for 1 week, and are 1 week away from being back in Winnipeg for a few days. I just moved to Winnipeg a month ago, and I was starting to get a good feel for the City in that time. I am gone for the next month so it will be like moving there for the second time. People from Winnipeg laugh at how excited I am to be in the "Big City". To me it is HUGE! I am Excited to get back and to get to know the City and the people within it, but touring is also super badass.

Now some pics and a recap of our Kelowna adventures.

We played at a bar called Fernando's in Kelowna. They host a 
lot of touring acts and this is what the week after our show looks like. 
 Ricardo always talks about the Avocado margaritas at Fernando's. This is his margarita O-face.
 Check out this room! I love the vibe of this place.
 Check out the roof and the cool dude lights!

I took this picture from the "apex trail" up on Knox Mountain. If Winnipeg was located in a spot like this, all of our lives would be complete
Commander of cool doin' his thing.

The first snow sighting of the year!

This is the latest #FindCody picture in the #FindCody contest! It took me awhile to find myself and I remembered where I was when the picture was taken. Send your answers to Good Luck!

- Cody <3

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