Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is how I choose to share

I should be going to bed, but I have had the sudden urge to share tonight, and I've always wanted to have a blog.  So why not!?  I've felt restless and uneasy thinking about the pile I need to work through before I move.  I move in two weeks, and I need to have the album finished by then.

There are some minor changes to be made, and I'm waiting on 4 more parts to be recorded, all by friends.  So technically, I'm done all of mine!  Just a little mix wizardry and this two year long project will come to an end in some ways, and a beginning in others.

I feel like I should share something more then just some words.  I'd like to share a sample of audio, but I'm not ready for that yet.  So instead I'll share an article that inspired me to think about my experiences growing up.


This is an article about what it means to consider ones-self poor or not, and what growing up poor does to ones internal landscape.  My partner Anastasia shared this today.

Also, because I feeeeeel the need to share an image, here's a picture of my cat Peanut!  You're going to see her around here a lot!

Goodnight world!

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