Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Album Is Born

Wow, what a weekend.

So, I finished an album!  This is a pretty big deal for me.  I proved that terrible voice in my head that told me I would never do it wrong!  And in two days, I am moving all of my packed belongings to my new house.  This won't be a long post (I am past the point of exhaustion and my eyes burn from staring at my monitors all day today), but I just wanted to share some great photos from yesterdays final day of recording!

 Ana lays down an amazing bass line for The Eyelids Behind Your Eyelids!
 I make tiny pizzas for the choir!
 I write the lyrics out for the choir!
 The Choir sings on Garland's Moving To Vancouver!
 Liam becomes the song!
 Peanut becomes Liam becoming the song!

I spent the day mixing all the parts in and retouching some things.  I frantically went about my day both listening and packing boxes and mixing and then more listening and then finally, hours of preparing the files in their various formats.  After a quick dinner with Ana and some of her family, I headed over to my friend Brian's place to listen to it through his system, and it was there that my day ended.   Well, I guess it's ending here!

For those of you who are interested, the track list is as follows...

a.  Breaking Breaking
b.  It Scares Me
c.  Garland's Moving To Vancouver
d.  On Nights Like These
e.  Sleeper
f.  Out The Seams Pt. 1
g.  Chalky Hearts
h.  The Eyelids Behind Your Eyelids
i.  Mouth Alive
j,  Heart Of Cranes

Sometime soon the songs will be available to listen to.  I'm just not really sure how that's going to happen yet.      There are a few ideas for a title, but I'm waiting to hear back about a piece of art I'd like to use for the album, and whether or not I get permission to use it will determine what the album is called!

I'm also not going to be posting for a few days with all the big events happening this week, so I wanted to once again say that, if you reside in Winnipeg, you should definetaly check out the next For The Love Of Winnipeg meeting on August the 8th.  Click on the links for all the deets!

Goodnight everyone.  I'll talk at you soon!

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