Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to Life

All of the exciting things have come to a slow-down these last few days.  No Lo Pub.  No Guns.  I did buy myself a Macbook today though.  In fact, I am currently humping on it right now, and very accurately typing this post out.

I've fought the purchase of one for a while, always believing that I would find the right PC laptop to check all the boxes I needed checked for performance.  By performance I mean not only the performance of the hardware in the computer, but also how it does on the road.  You see, I'm planning a lot of time away from home in the coming year to support this new record.  A laptop will still be a key component to my live show, handling a lot of the backup work until I can find some people to play in the band.   

Test note - these keys feel amazing.  They're perfectly spaced and my typing has never been more accurate!

Obligatory photobooth photo with Peanut!

Anyway, so in preparation to play more shows, I decided to take the leap.  I was met with applause, with looks of jealousy, with warm, welcome arms.  I was invited into a community of people who covet their Apple products.  I'm finding it difficult to resist the temptation to buy and iPhone too.  It's true that their design is so great and that all of their parts are so well thought out.  Again, this keyboard is fantastic.  The computer is so easy to use, and I can't wait to see how it handles audio.  As soon as I held the computer in my hands, I was inspired to get down to my recording computer and start figuring out how I could arrange these new songs to be played live with all of my wonderful tools.  I've been performing with my old loop pedal, which is fine, but it just doesn't represent the songs in their recorded forms.  But now, with this computer, I can sequence a whole live show and control it from a foot-pedal, I can introduce parts of the recorded arrangements into my live set, and I can feel more comfortable with how the audience is hearing the music.  

I guess that's a way for me to say that I'm nervous and hiding behind all the fancy technology, which is true to a small degree.  I still feel pretty fresh at performing after having taken two years off.  

Test note - I'm noticing that not once have my palms touched the trackpad.  This was such an annoyance on my other laptops.

And now, with the shutting down of the Lo Pub, I find myself without a venue for a show I was really looking forward to in October!  Honestly, right now, I feel like complaining and like this post is totally useless.  But in the spirit of tradition, I'm going to allow it to go into the internets.

Oh, one more thing.  I finally took my bike off my wall and put it on the street.  It took me 25 minutes to ride 7.3 kms on a fixed single speed, which I'd say isn't bad.   As an added bonus, the motorists were much more accommodating.  Maybe it's perhaps they're used to moving slowly on the busier downtown streets and there are a lot of lanes.  I'd also like to think it's because of the way I ride.


Always signal
Wear a helmet
Stop at lights & signs ALWAYS
Stop behind vehicles, not beside them
Take up as much of a lane as I need to feel safe.  

That last ones a contentious point.  In fact, they all are, but those are the rules that work for me, and I feel that I get harassed way less because I follow them.  Another cyclist was hit today too.  I'm not sure of her/his condition now, but it was critical this afternoon.  This city needs to be educated more.  It needs more compassion.  Sure, people say Winnipegers are so nice, but a lot of us lack empathy and have an over-abundance of complacency.  

This post is officially way too scattered.  I'm really just typing stream-of-conscience style because I like these keys so much!   I'm going to go to bed now.  Night night.

Oh, and then theres this.  Sweet dreams.

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