Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What a weekend.  I started it all of by being in my 20's for the last time on Friday.  I went to bed at 1146pm hoping that I would fall asleep before midnight.  I think I made it happen.  I believe I did.

I woke up Saturday morning in the usual daze, and as I slowly realized where/who/what I was, I felt a sudden pang of excitement.  I knew I was 30 years old.  Wow, it even looks great when typed.

I've always been excited to age.  I've always looked forward to how my body will change, how my face will mature, how my mind will evolve, how my heart will grow, and how my soul will evolve.  I can safely say that I am not disappointed in myself.  I have done the work.  I have put in the time.  I am closer to who I want to be entering a new decade of my life.  I've heard some really strange things about being thirty -

Dirty Thirties - Probably the strangest one.  I wonder where that comes from....wikipedia break.....None of this applies to me.  Even when I heard the phrase, I knew it didn't represent me.  I am not dirty, my thoughts are not that, my body isn't so, my heart is the opposite!  No way am I a dirty thirty.

The new 20's - I'm actually pretty excited about this one.  I spent a large portion of my 20's being a brat being really inconsiderate to my needs and the needs of others.  Maybe this means that now, because I am still young and have that spring in my step that I can be responsibly reckless.  I can be carelessly liable.  I can be an emotional roller coaster without putting anyone in danger.  I have the confidence to do the things that will make me happy, and not really care as much what the world thinks of me for doing these things.  That's why I finally have the courage to write words on the internet and leave them here to be read.  I'm ready to enjoy life so much more now without doing such deep damage to myself. In fact, a large portion of my time is now involved in undoing shitty habits and ideas I developed when I was in my 20's.

Your Metabolism Slows Down - Science can be fun.  But the science of my body is none of your business unless I say it is!  I had a coworker today tell me I gained weight.  This comment has always made me uncomfortable.  No one is more aware of my body changes then me!  I HAVE TO LIVE IN IT EVERYDAY!  OF COURSE I KNOW I GAINED WEIGHT!  And it's been a concern all of my life.  I have recently discovered what Health At Every Size is, and I'm starting to work through all my body image issues, and the last thing I need is someone saying what I'm already thinking so much of the time.  He didn't know any of this, but for some reason so many people think its ok to talk about other peoples bodies.  I am still guilty of this, but I try every day to remind myself that it is none of my business.  I also try to remind myself as much as possible that my body is beautiful anyway it is, and it will never be "perfect".  That isn't what I want anyway.  I cannot spend my life denying my cravings for pie and ice cream, or for beer, or dulce de tamarindo or Lucky Charms or mangoes or ice cream or chocolate or cakes or burgers or onion rings and french fries and fries in burgers and cheeses and breads and sauces.  Fuck that noise.  And seriously guys, commenting on other peoples bodies makes them feel uncomfortable sometimes, so maybe its best to ask if its ok.  If you don't feel comfortable asking, then its probably not ok.

Woah, I almost ditched this whole post because of fancy Mac trakpad gestures.  A blessing and a curse it seems.  Anyway, Saturday I had a birthday/house warming party.  It was awesome, but I wish some more people could have been there.  I have the curse of always having a birthday on a long weekend, which means sometimes people can be at my events, and sometimes not.  I may post pictures of it.
Sunday I hung out with my close friends Brian and Tom, and we watched The Expendables 2, we ate lots of snacks, planned Settlers Of Catan, and then watched Cabin In The Woods.  Sunday I went to the beach and drank some more and played cards withe some more friends.  I love swimming.  I also had a chance to break in my new snorkel.  It's a little too short for a wavy lake, or for an adult.  But it was an excellent present from my sister Angie.

I will leave you with fuel for your creativity.  This video is inspirational.  Many of you have likely seen it, and we should show it to everyone.  I did the dance on my birthday too, and it was the funnest thing.

Dance it out before bed.  Night Night

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