Monday, March 4, 2013


On Nights Like These...

I luv the Wunderbar.  Their staff, Craig, the room - everything.  It reminds me of a smaller Lo Pub.  I miss the Lo Pub.

I've heard from a ton of other bands that Wunderbar is an amazing venue, and we had a blast too.  The crowd was super attentive and into what we were doing.  It was also the best show we'e played so far as a band.  Things are starting to gel together.  A few days on the road will do that to people.

Unfortunately, my amp was still on the mend.  It's like not having a hand.  It's a tool I picked and a tool I know really well.  To not have it is disorienting and it doesn't sound right.  Even with this annoyance, we still played a great set.  I feel like I'm writing fragmented sentences and this isn't very interesting, so I'm just going to move along to photos.

 Breakfast and business.  Both are very important.
 If you see this sign, GO IN!
 These we the ________________ (I can't really tell you what they were for).
Brennan, messing up the place.  With art.
 The art.
 Brennan and I trying to figure out my amp issues, to no avail.
 OK, this band.  Fantasy Religion.  Quote - "This song is for Evan's mom.  It's called Rock & Roll You Mom.".  Evan wasn't even there to see it!
 So much fun.  We also have a copy of their setlist / grocery list / resume.  It itself is a work of art.
 Bathroom art.
Adam and Luke Bergan should have a Who-Can-Sleep-The-Hardest contest.

Alright, Calgary.  Show us what you got.  We're at Local 510.  It's gonna be a blast.


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