Thursday, March 7, 2013


I feel this big.

The drive into the mountains was awe inspiring as it usually is.  It never ceases to amaze me.  They are massive and strong and still and all around you.  I can't imagine growing up around such strong creatures.  Would it have made me stronger and in what way?  Maybe I'm able to ponder over the wonders of life because of all the space in the prairies.  I wouldn't trade that skill for anything.  It's interesting that you don't really see the Rockies approaching until you're in them.  They sneak up on you, and then BAM!, you're in the mountains and your camera and brain are working extra hard to remember everything around you.  I found it hard to pay attention to the episodes of Oz I was trying to watch.  And then I found I was a bit sick from all the turning and bending and trying to focus on a screen.  So I shut it off.  

It was in these mountains that the song Sleeper was written.  I wasn't physically there, but the song came from there.  I imagine it rustling in a cave and rolling down a mountain on a breeze.  It was small and weak then.  When it hit the water and travelled east it grew in power and determination.  It looked up at the mountains and it felt comfort and it felt protected.  When it left the mountains and flew into the prairies it was reenergized by wind and sun.  It could not fail now.  It shot through three provinces and into my heart.  I felt it hit like a bolt of lightning and I feel back on the floor.  I was falling to the floor a lot back then.  Sometimes to cry, sometimes to pray, sometimes to rest from doing either, but this time I felt a bit of power coming to me, not draining from me.  

I can't wait for you all to hear that song.  In the meantime you can listen to these two gems from the new record. 

So Kelowna was a fun time.  The crew at Fernando's was so amazing.  They fed us super well and treated us like kings.  We played our best show yet.  

 Jon ordered a side of corn-beef hash, but they left out the hash.  The servers explanation was hilarious too.  "That's the way it looked in the module.", she said incredulously.
 Here is a series of mountain pictures, starting with the gateway into the rockies.

 The van.  It has no name yet.  Notice the weight in the back.
 The Okanogan.

 Our GPS telling us to continue on the road.
 My seat after sleeping on some smarties.
 I love this poster by Ben Clarkson.  He is an awesome artist.  AWESOME.
The stage area.
 Brennan's pedal board with his new Morning Glory.
 Jon looking super happy!
 AVOCADO MARGHERITA.  The best drink I've had in a long time.

Tonight we play at The Biltmore in Vancouver.  I've been looking forward to this show the whole trip! We're surrounded by friends and sushi.  What else could one ask for?


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