Thursday, June 6, 2013

The kindness of strangers

This is friendship cat.  It blesses us with acts of kindness from strangers.

I'm writing to you from Pittsburgh.  I'm writing to you from the kitchen table belonging to Kayse and Chuck.  They have gone to work (although Kayse might come back due to an unexpected hangover) and their friend, Abby, is making us some breakfast.  We played at an artspace called Garfield Artworks and they were at the show when I asked if anyone knew of a place we could crash for the night.  The kindness of strangers has been a running theme on this trip, and the last two nights have been exploding with it.  

After our show in New Jersey the other guys went to this place down the road that served 3$ pints.  With every pint came a free pizza.  And not a slice of pizza, not a shitty pizza, but a good sized awesome pizza.  I didn't have the pleasure, but the others were really impressed.  I got to the spot in time for a beer and Cook (soon to be pictured) had already drowned the others in booze and friends.  Apparently he spent most of the night attracting attention to the Canadians and they became the hub of the activity with a table right by the entrance and free rounds upon rounds.  When I got there I couldn't believe the state of joy in their eyes.  Or maybe it was the beer and pizza.  It was probably both.  We had another round, on Cook, when I got there.  I've been drinking more on this trip and I feel guilty about it.  I never made a promise to myself not to drink, but I suppose I feel like I'm letting myself down in some way for indulging.  I'm haven't quite formulated where these feelings come from, but I know their tied to how my relationship to sex has developed and my history with it when I've toured before.  The baby thought is there growing, but it needs more time.  I will give it that time.    

We departed for Cook's place.  We got to Cook's place and it was the American Dream.  You'll see the pictures.  Cook refinishes classic Victorian homes and his home is no different.  You'll soon see some pictures.  He fed us some apple liqueur, played us some music he had recorded in his studio and we talked for a little more.  Sleep was instant for me.  

When we woke up, Cook was gone!  Nowhere to be found.  I left him a note, took a few more pictures and we continued to our next destination.  Pittsburgh.  Last night we competed with a playoff game (they lost), Metric and Ariel Pink, but we still managed to have a few people out at the show.  That's where we meet the lovely people who are looking after us now.  About 2/3rds of the way through our set, Kayse came up to the stage and told me that she could put us up, but that they were leaving.  The crowd at this point was her, Chuck, Abby and some of their friends so if they left we would be playing to no one.  We decided to pack up head over to meet them at Brillobox where they went to finish watching the game.  This bar has a set of branches hanging above the bar that they change depending on the season, which is the coolest idea.  Abby immediately offered to buy us drinks and we accepted.  This became the beginning of a longer night then any of us were expecting.  Another round at the bar and some serious hangouts at their place turned into a late bedtime.  Everyone had an awesome time.  The kindness of strangers.  

So this morning we are showered and fed and spirits are high.  I would say better then they have ever been on this trip so far.  

 Cook is the gentlemen to the right of me.  Master of New Jersey.

 This is Suhay, although I don't think I have the spelling of her name right.  She didn't believe we were a band, so I directed her to the Garland video.  This is her impressed face.

 Cook's place was filled with history.  This is a 60's Danelectro which I feel in love with right away.  His friend used to built them.
 An old Danelectro amp.  Super cool.
 His dining room by nights.  LOOK AT THIS PLACE.

 Down in Cook's basement have some more fun.

 The dining room by day.
 I want this light fixture.
 His front view.
 His front yard.
His back yard.
 Transport to Pittsburgh.
 Eating some Pho and getting healthy.

 Look at these cool guys.  I almost photoshopped the fading spots in my shorts, but I wanted to go #nofilter.  You should know me for who I am!  They're patched, and they're awesome.  I wear them everyday.

 Brennan is the master of pano shots.  We're waiting for the venue to open up.

 The Dressed Frets.  They opened the night up for us.

 The venue after the show.
 Brillobox and their seasonal branches.
 The Pittsburgh gang.

Tonight we play in bowling alley.  We're all super excited about it.  Until next time, friends.  

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