Thursday, June 20, 2013

YOLO Repair and other anomalies.

After weeks of holding back, the guys decide its time for Cody to reveil his massive left hand.

JK.  That's only a camera trick, and an unplanned one at that.  This image was taken in Kelowna after our show at Fernando's.  With no place to stay, I called upon the audience for some help.  Our new friend Mariah answered the call.  We weren't really that tired after the show so Mariah took us on a little walk to the water.  Before we left we stocked up on beverages and smokeables, and then this picture was taken.  No one had really started drinking yet.  

I guess this is what happens when we feel well rested and looked after.  We left Vancouver feeling like we had had a little vacation even though we weren't there for too long.   The combination of being back in Canada, being among close friends, playing a great show, and sleeping really helped me feel level headed again.  It all started with that hug from Garland.  

I'm sitting at my cousin's place just outside of Calgary right now and I have developed a deep love for her new dog, Yoshi.  I don't normally like small dogs, but he is well mannered and cute as fuck.  Hmmmmm, that's about as much as I want to write today.  I need to go pump the water from the lawn or it might seep into the basement.  And the day is getting away from me because I slept like a little baby child in the darkest room in the house on the most comfortable of beds.  I want to pump the water, then do some running.  


 MING and Cody wait while I get a coffee.  
 A crows nest.  I later found out that it was an art installation.  The crows had a nest, then someone claimed it as their art.

 First time I swam  outside this year and it was in an ocean.  My fav ocean - the Pacific.
 While Cody, Mind and I were at the beach, Karl and Brennan were hanging with their bud.  Here are some pictures from that adventure.

 I just saw this picture, and it makes me wish I had instagram.

 Brennan noticed this bike outside of Ming's place.  Cool move, Vancouver.
 After our show we went to Guilt & Co. to have a drink.  My bud Nic works there and he made us his signature drink, the Margaret Thatcher.  It's a blueberry whiskey sour and it was amazing.  I also ran into my friend Rococode there too!  Small world.
 Here is the drink with it's maker in the background.
YOLO Repair.  Enough said.  
 The last day in Vancouver on our walk back from breakfast and shopping. 

 This is The Backhomes.  Check them out because there are awesome.  We played with them in Kelowna.
 And this is Jay Arner.  You should check him out too because his show was phenomenal.

 Here is a picture of me looking like an animal in a tree.
 He achieved the light in this picture by shining our phones lights at each other.   It work as well as it could with an iphone taking the image.
 The moon was huge that night.  It looked much better in person.
 Classic Ricardo foot shot.

After we had drank/smoked all of our goods and after we had evade capture by the beach police, we got into some conversation about something so interesting.  As soon as we saw this, we all forgot what we were talking about. 
 The drive yesterday from Kelowna to Calgary was wet and dark, but it covered the mountains in cloud and fog.

That's Yoshi and Bear.  I'm going to get the yard cleaned up now and then go play with them some more.

Have a good day, everyone.

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