Monday, October 14, 2013

Jasper Jasper

I’m in the passenger seat of Versa2 and I’m thinking about the transition I need to go through creatively.  What I know is that it needs to happen with youthful, spirited people and that I have less of an interest in a solo project.  I know that I’ve met those people and they’re both driving matching cars to play music I’ve written for other people from Vancouver to Montreal.  Not a bad bunch of people.

I know that Oldfolks Home has existed in the period of time I had the pleasure of spending with an interesting, determined and creative person and that that person is no longer in my life.  I know that, as a friend reminded me, the name of my current project has juvenile beginnings and I’ve outgrown that.  Those are the reasons that make the most sense to me now that I’ve decided to in some ways leave behind, and other ways develop or progress, Oldfolks Home. 

I can’t imagine not playing this music in the next creative endeavour in my life, but it will also change.  And I want to figure out all those changes this winter.  Winnipeg is going to shut down (we’re manic summer lovers), and I’m going to deeply involve myself in creating music with other people.  I’m very excited to see what the outcome will be, and I have no doubt I will love it just as much. 

There are reasons why this may not be a good idea, but it’s a change I feel needs to happen.  I’ve been paying close attention to my instinct lately and life has been pretty incredible.

Plus, like my partner says, it feels great to quit things when they’re not working.

Those are all future plans though.  Oldfolks Home is on tour and this is the 3rd time I’m driving to Vancouver this year.  Wow.  That is so amazing.   We played in Jasper last night at a joint called the Whistle Stop and had such a great time.  We also have some exciting news while we’re on tour - we have a new contest! 

The idea is that we’re getting Cody to hide in strange and wonderful places and spaces and you have to find him in the picture we take.  They’re pretty funny, and they’ll be included somewhere in the blog.  It will be labeled as the picture you should be looking for.  Spot his location, describe it to us on Twitter or Facebook with #FindCody, or email your answer to 

We’re working on the prize, but for now it’s just for fun.  I suppose it’s more like a game then a contest right now.  Those two things can also be the same thing.  I have a really great idea, but I need to talk it over with the others.   FIRST #FindCody IS IN THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck. 

 This was from a few days ago in Alberta.  So pretty.
 These two.
 These folks.  Winnipeg really represented in Edmonton that night.
 There are going to be a lot of sky pictures on this post.  Most of them involved some pretty skillful elbow driving.

 Can you spot the moon?
 Then we saw this thing.  IT WAS MASSIVE.


#FindCody in one of the trucks!  Send us a description of where you think he is on facebook, twitter, or at

 The Versa caravan.
 This is from the top of a mountain we climbed on the side of the road.  There had been a fire a little while ago and the trees had been stripped of all their branches and blackened.  It was so neat walking in there.

 This is Garland.  Doing Garland like things.

See you soon.  

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