Friday, October 11, 2013



This is Cody, and this is my first ever blog post! Woo! This is a recap of day 2 of our travels on the final Oldfolks Home tour.

Here we go.

 I went to for a nap in Saskatchewan and bam, woke up to a full-on Alberta landscape! I think everyones grandparents has a picture like this hanging up on their wall.

Can you spot me in this picture? What do you think I am doing? Send your answers to

Upon getting into Edmonton we immediately went
to Ricardo's sister's house where their mom had made some amazing Pupusa's and other traditional Latin American food! Boam!
 This is Sol James playing before us at the Artery in Edmonton. We learned that Kris Ulrich's (very left in the picture) nickname is Rooster last night.

Finally, this is a shot of our stage set-up before our show. Heather meticulously applied the right Instagram filter to this picture for maximum indie-kid appeal.

See ya in Jasper!

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