Saturday, October 19, 2013

Prom Night in Medicine Hat

Most of this post is about the mountains and I can't apologize for that. The drives we've been on have been so incredible in the last week and a half. We've seen the mountains from so many different roads and each time it's different, but honestly the ride down Highway 1 has been the most breathtaking.
Every time we rounded a corner there was a small chorus of oohs and aahs. I meant to nap while sitting in the passenger seat but I was hit by a serious case of FOMO and could barely close my eyes to blink!


Caption this!

Winter is Coming...

And then we travelled through the haunted forest.

There's a finger... and look how low those clouds are!

And THEN! As we were leaving the mountains, the unthinkable happened! We drove too fast... :(

We had a day off and were lucky enough to stay at Ricardo's cousin's house overnight in Calgary. They were so welcoming, and his mom was there, just like in Edmonton! It was nice to hang out with some cool ladies. Hanging with the boys has been awesome but it's pretty nice to have some female energy around. Also, they had two ADORABLE dogs!

Here is Yoshi! UGH the cuteness kills me.

Here is Bear! He was the cutest! We took the dogs for a walk and after he pooped he rubbed his bum on the ground for like five minutes... over the grass and down onto the street. Adorable.

Ricardo gives Yoshi an ear-wig. Style.

I got my own room, a giant air mattress, and a cozy fire to keep me warm. 

We had to leave for the gig in Medicine Hat the next day around mid-afternoon. It was so strange to be back on flat land. In my awe over the mountains I forgot how incredible it is to be able to see as far as the eye can see in any direction. 
#findcody Hint: that's Ricardo there in front- click to enlarge!

Warm Spiced Pear. What a salad. The waitress asked me if I wanted mango "shootney" on the side. Eventually I realized she was talking about chutney.

Pigeon Park. They were very cool people! We had a great time hanging with them. We played this show in a large event room that usually hosted weddings- we were actually the first band night they hosted. It was the biggest room we've played so far on tour.

Here is me and Ricardo enjoying the band

Here is Cody resting his ears in the lobby

After the gig we had nowhere to stay in Medicine Hat so we drove back to Calgary to stay at Ricardo's cousin's place. Everywhere we have gone so far we have met incredibly generous and open people- so far on this trip I've had the greatest time. In the first few days I felt like I was living in a dream, like I was going to suddenly wake up back in "real life". Now this is starting to feel like real life and I don't want to go back to what I was doing before. 

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