Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Say Something Right

Let's try this again.

We hit the road starting March 1st.

I'm excited to announce the first powermove we're pulling at the OFH camp.  A tour and the Say Something Right AA Side release.  It's been said on FB that we may even be pioneering this bold new move of releasing to solid songs from an album at once.  If anyone can prove otherwise, I'd be happy to listen.  The poster you see above is by the wonderful Ben Clarkson.  He's been doing a lot of work for the band lately because I really connect with his art.  I find myself in the arms-up / yelling position many times in a day.  One could that it is my natural pose.  My mother tells me I was born that way.

It's a small tour, but I'm excited to be getting back in a van to play music across the country.  This time I'm heading out with 3 other musicians who are bringing a new life and energy to the project.  Because I write and record most of the material, I need to find capable artists to fill for my computer on stage.  This means that the lineup is every evolving because I have talented friends, and talented friends are always busy playing music with other talented people.  All of the shows so far have been unique in that there has always been a different person in the band, but I welcome some stability, even if only for a month.  

So check out the singles.  They're free to download.  I'm really happy with them and I think you'll like them too.  If it so happens that you are a fan of them, tell you friends, and check out the FB tour page to find out when we'll be stopping in your city.  

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