Saturday, March 2, 2013


Start with a bang....

A young man who had not time to check his space did this to our rental before we even left Winnipeg.  He felt terrible, and he had just picked up his car from an autobody shop having been recently rear ended by someone else.  Poor luck.  But also, CHECK YOUR SURROUNDINGS, BRO.

We drove to Regina today on our Say Something Right tour.  Road conditions - fair, except when we got into Saskatchewan.  There was blowing snow for a good long while on the highway and it was covering some pretty serious ice.  Add to that a really nice cloud-scape and rainbows and you have one distracted driver.  We made it though.

Our first set was great.  ALL THE GEAR WORKED.  Except for my amp, which I will have to fix today at some point, which is so inconvenient and likely costly.  If you've never been to O'Hanlon's, allow me to describe the place.  It's an Irish pub with all the signs and symbols you would expect to find in one.  You walk in the front door and immediately see the bar (smart move) where you'll be greeted by busy staff and a bar full of draft choices.  It's a long bar, with a lot of beer.  Take a left and you'll be in one of the tabled areas.  This is where the stage is located, and it's about 8ft above the ground floor.  It's a very strange way to play to an audience.  Being that high up means people have to watch from afar, or their necks would be sore after a set.  There is also a second floor with a balcony where the audience can watch the bands from.  If you play in a smaller band and plan on booking a show in Regina, do it there.  The sound tech is easy going and the venue has great gear.


I remember this feeling.  I'm not able to sleep well outside of my bed.  So I haven't slept very much.  And I'm sick.  And I lost my voice last night.  I won't be doing much talking today.


 The frozen prairies.
 If you look closely, you can see the rainbow just above the left lane halfway up the sky.  And yes, I'm taking a picture while driving in terrible weather.
It's so nice though!

 Here's Brennan in the most jammed van we've ever been in.  He also has an assortment of snacks which make his area physically difficult, but delicious, to be in.

 This is the view from the second floor overlooking the stage.
This is Adam.  He's playing bass in the band and he is drinking a very dirty martini.  Amanda impaled some kalamata olives for him too.

 OUR HOSTS FOR THE NIGHT - Amanda and Carl.
I can't remember the cat's name, but she's a cutie.  We put a hat on her last night.  She wasn't too happy about it.

Now to Saskatoon for a house party.  I've missed being on the road.

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